August 27, 2005 celebrating moms (Rose) 91st birthday the day before. From left, Marianne, Nicky, Al, Al Jr, Jenn, Chris, Scott, Pete, Carol, Gregg. Front left, Toni, Mom, Ryan, Nicholas, Caty and Nancy.
man with camera
This is a picture of Ryan, Caty, Nicholas, & Chloe's D'Amato's great, great, great, grandmother -- Maria Theresa Laria Pelleteiri. She passed away on June 16th 1931.
Photo below was taken in 1919. It shows: Sam (standing), Rose (on pony, rear), and George Fernandes. Rose was the mother of Peter and Al D'Amato, grandmother of Chris, Gregg, Nicholas, Albert (Junior). Toni Anne and Scott D'Amato and great grandmother of Ryan, Caty, Nicholas and Chloe D'Amato.
Ryan's and Caty's parents are Gregg and Meagan.  Nicholas' parents are Chris and Jenn.
The grandparents are Peter and Carol and the
great grandparents are the late Nicholas and Rose.
The great-great grandparents were Pietro and Rocchina (see below)  The great-great-great grandmother was Maria Theresa pictured here.
The D'Amato Coat of Arms. Notice the Badookie Bird holding the fig leaf.
The cute little boy below was 3 years old (almost) when this picture was taken in September 1947. The handsome gentleman in the photo is Pete's grandfather, Aniello Fernandes, father of Pete's mom Rose. In case you can't tell, the little boy is Pete himself!
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This is Pete with someone elses bike (he never had one). The bike probably belong to either Pee Wee Herman or Buddy Lunnie. Thanks Buddy.

The bike did in fact belong to Buddy Bronx!!!
Here is Pete's first car - a 1954 Oldsmobile. Check out those baby moon hubcaps! Inside it had a red dome light - perfect for watching the submarine races. Of course since Pete took the photo, brother Al got to sit in the car and mom got to get in the photo. Notice it was December 1964.
Below we have (left to right): Grandpa Pete D'Amato, his son Nicholas (my dad), me (Pete), and my uncle Vince (Whitey) along with my aunt Louise. Photo was taken at the wedding of Mike and Gina Virgintino 50 years ago (1951). I think i was about 1 year old at he time :-).  I was good looking even then!!!! My brother Al is not in the photo because they could not get him out of his snowsuit (inside joke)....
Carrie's (Carol's mom) obit written by Dick Young (head of the New York Daily Bews Sports Dept).
Early photo on left of Rocchina-wife of Pietro. On right here's that cute little boy again with grandpa Pietro (father of Nick and Vince (Whitey). Notice the mantel clock.
Here's that same cute boy again indicating that 'He's number 1'.
The gang from the old neighborhood - left to right clockwise - Pete, Mike Murphy, Joe Gonzalez, Gary Lunnie, Tony Gonzalez and who????
The stickball team on 151st - left to right - Albie, Pete, Buddy Bronx(behind bat), Tony Viceroy, Joey Gonzalez, Gary Lunnie and standing, Mike Murphy.
Grandpa Aniello, and Pete with Gregg and Chris in front.
My mom and dad - Rose and Nick - on their wedding day.
Dad, Nick and  uncle Vince (Whitey).
Uncle Vince with his aunt Sonon (sp??) and his dad (my grandfather, Pietro.
Pietro and Rocchina wedding invitation.
Above, 152nd and Melrose Ave.
149th and Melrose
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Nick and his violin.
Pete and Al - hallway of apratment on 152th St and Melrose Ave. - Bronx, NY.
Tessie DiSimone and Pete.
Collage clockwise from upper left - Grandpa Pietro and grandson Pete, sons Pete, dad (Nick) and Al, Moe and Pete, Pete and cousin Marie Conti
Above, Pete D'Amato, Al D'Amato, and Tony Viceroy.
Joe Gonzolez.
Tony Viceroy, Gary Lunnie, Al D'Amato
Tony Viceroy
Grandpa Pete and Grandma Rochina - wedding photo
Grandpa's, Pietro on left and Aniello on right.
4 generations of D'Amato's - 08/27/2005. Front center Rose and to her right, her great grandson NIcholas with his dad, grandson Chris. Behind Chris is his wife Jenn with almost due newest great grandchild. To Rose's left are great grandchildren Caty and Ryan with Rose's other grandson Gregg and his wife Nancy (being hugged by Rose's handsome son Pete..To Pete's right is is lovely wife Carol and standing in the rear is Rose's grandson Scott.
Sam and Mary Fernandes on their wedding day, July 28th, 1935. See below for a 50th anniversary photo.
Sam and Mary on their 50th wedding anniversary.
Mary, Sam and Rose - taken in 1989.
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