1969 Corvette Coupe T-Top CAPTION #4
Born and raised in the Bronx, NY and now living in Connecticut. Married to Carol, we have 3 terrific sons - Chris, Gregg and Scott. We also have 2 wonderful daughter-in-laws - Jennifer and Nancy, and 5 grandchildren, Ryan, Caty, Nicholas, Chloe, and now little Rose- see her photo at the bottom of this web pagepage.  Chris and Jennifer are the parents of Nicholas and Chloe Rose (grandchildren #3 and #4)  while Gregg is dad to Ryan, Caty and Rose (grandchildren #1,  #2, and #5). We love them all dearly. Vietnam Vet and Corvette owner. My 1969 Corvette is pictured at the bottom of this page.
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Peter D's Personal Home Page
Click here for some archived photos -updated January 2005
Click here to see 4 generations of D'Amato's And some real old family photos. Updated January 2005
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The Wall at night..
Grandchild #2 - - 2009.
Click on the photo for a link to pictures of Catelyn's life
Grandchild #1 - 2009
 Click on the photo for a link to pictures of Ryan's life - 2008--------------------------------->. 
Above, Gregg (#2 son), Santa and Scott (#3 son).

Nicholas November 2012 (Grandchild #3 )
Click on the photo for a link to pictures of Nicholas' life.
Above: Gregg, Nancy, Caty and Ryan 12/2008.
604th Tans. Co. Pleiku, Vietnam. 1965-1966
MACV, Military Assistant Command, Vietnam - 1965-1966
Click here to see some photos of cousins and relatives. (09/2005)
Just back from the Southbury Car Show - 09/19/2010. 
Al, Pete and mom - 08/27/2005 and mom from June 1959
Chloe (Grandchild  #4) - 2011
Click on the photo for link to the pictures of Chloe's life - 08/2007.
339th Trans Co. Nha Trang, Vietnam 1965-1966
Chloe, Chris. Nicholas and Jenn - 2012 Cape Cod..
Rose PreK graduation - June 12, 2015 with mom and dad.
3 generations - father, son and grandson: Pete, Gregg and Ryan. Taken 03/11/2010 at a concert at which Caty sang in the chorus.
Newest grandchild, Rose, born to Gregg and Nancy on May 21, 2010 at 8:04AM, Here she is in 2014 school picture and dressed up for the dance -  2015.
Grandpa and the grandkids - Caty, Ryan, Nicholas , Chloe and Rose 10/20/12.
Click on the photo for link to the pictures of Rose's life.