Relatives - past and present
relatives and cousins
Tony DiSimone, Nick D'Amato (my dad), Joe (Tino) Virgintino, Vincent (Pell) Pellitieri. Man with cigarette is unknown-Help.
Cousins - 145th Street.
Frank Virgintino and dad, Nicholas.
Above, Jimmy Virgintino and daughters Helen (left) and Barbara.
Below, Tony and Gertie with daughters Dolores(left) and Angela.
Above, Tessie, Mike and Joe(Tino) - 8/11/01.
Below, Gina and Mike - 50th anniversary - 8/11/01
The Virgintinos, rom left, Ralph, Mike, Tessie, Frank, Sangeline, and Sonon(sp?)
The newest Virgintinos - Christmas 2005 and 2010.