Catelyn's Page
Catelyn D'Amato - Grandchild 2
Catlyn D'Amato is grandchild number 2. Daughter of Gregg, little sister of Ryan, grand-daughter of Pete and Carol. Here are the pictures of her life.

This page is an ongoing work..........
A devilish look above, and showing more than a young lady should on the right.
October 28th, 2003.
After the tub, a shiny heiney
Unsure of Santa.....
Broken wrist. Ouch.
Love that smile
Caty in the snow - 01/2005
Caty - 01/05
Fairy Princess - 09/24/2005
Caty getting ready for Halloween - 10/2005
Little sister and big brother - 12/2005.
Bless her Irish heart - March 2006
Dance ballerina dance
Future movie star????
Future scientist???
Happy or sad ??? - 08/2007
Say cheeze - 08/2007
Caty - 2007
Singing in the rain - June 2008.
Caty at the pool - 06/2008
Jan 2007
Ryan and Caty at the shore - 08/2007